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A little ABOUT Me...And our time together!

I'm Alexandria (Dria) a birth and postpartum doula

As long as I can recall I've been called to be in a role that supports. It's my first nature, and that role has led me into some of the greatest roles in my life. A mother, daughter, sister, wife, and loyal friend. My concern for care runs deep and true. As your doula, I will be here to empower, support, and ensure we create a safe space for you to achieve your goals during your birthing journey.
As a holistic doula I aim to nurture mind body and soul. We will work through this together during sacred prenatal sessions. These sessions are designed to hold space for any worries, fears, hopes and desires! This is where we will create a safe narrative around birth and how you envision your birthing space. Within these sessions, we will dive into the deep shadow work of finding your divine femineity as well as becoming a mother. My drive and focus are are the medicine. You hold all the power to your own personal evolution. Pregnancy is an especially sacred time that allows you to connect with a deeper inner sense of work. In modern medicine and even holistic wellness there are many tools we can use to help navigate this time but all of those things are not so meaningful if we have not done the inner work to understand our root curiosities.  


Through this shadow work we will discuss your beliefs surrounding birth, love, and your belief in your ability to listen to your bodies intuition to guide you into bringing your blessing earthside. We will set intentions, speak aloud our manifestations, practice mindful meditation, breathwork, explore the physical and vibrational work of pregnancy and postpartum. Being a holistic care can include, herbal tea blending, herbal bath blending, aroma massage therapy and divination healing such as oracle or tarot. We will honor the sacred feminine and all your womb has to offer you.


Birth is an extremely intimate experience. I am here to ensure you feel not only heard but, supported, physically and emotionally. Supporting you in advocating for yourself during this time, I believe everyone should have care that is tailored to and honors their personal beliefs and preferences. Using Evidence-Based Research, we will navigate all of your very valid questions or concerns through your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.


"Sit with the mothers who are healing and breaking their generational curses; the conversation is



-Empowered Mama

"It is said that women in labor leave their bodies and travel to the stars and collect the souls of her babIES and return to this world together".


-Positive Birth Movement.

Community mission

My geographical reach currently consists of The Greater Denver Area. If you are out of state and or need virtual assistance we welcome you to share this in your inquiry.












Highlands Ranch


Castle Rock




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